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Australia’s directory of greyhounds looking for homes as pets.

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Account name: Every Greyhound Inc.
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We depend on donations from folks like you to provide this service. 

Greyhounds make wonderful pets! Every Greyhound lists greyhounds available for adoption, from groups and individuals around Australia.

We make it easier to find the right greyhound for you and your family, by listing all these lovely hounds by their location.

Every Greyhound is a directory of adoptable greyhounds, here to help every greyhound that needs a home to find their perfect match.

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Every Greyhound Inc. is an Incorporated Association, and a registered charity.

ABN: 65 634 155 494
Incorporation Number: IA 55057


If you are able to help us out with a donation, we appreciate it very much.  Donations are used for the maintenance and upgrading of this website, to help more hounds find homes.


Want to find a loving home for your greyhound?

We make it easy for potential adopters to find greyhounds that need homes. It's that simple! There's no cost, and no catch. If you'd like to list your greyhounds here, just register for a free account, and you're on your way.

If you are listing on behalf of a rescue group, click here for a handy guide to managing your listings.

Once your dogs are listed, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter - you might see them featured as a "Dog of the Day"!

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