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Dilston Brae - adoption pending

This stunning male greyhound is DILSTON BRAE ( affectionately known by his foster carer as "Charles Barkley " ) Born on 16/2/14 into the world of a racing greyhound, Dilston Brae has finally hung up his racing vest and muzzle for a life on the couch. He is a very tall boy, magnificent in stature. He is very playful with dogs his own size and loves his foster dog sisters to chase him. He is also safe around small dogs. Because of his size though he would suit an adult family or one with children over 8 years old and is especially fond of men. He will bark, just a couple of times, to let you know that there are strangers about however, like all good greyhounds he does also sleep for 20 hours per day. He really enjoys his walks and is great on the lead and can go out 'muzzle free' although not leash free. He also loves the car and will ride around all day if given the opportunity. This handsome man will appeal to anyone who meets him because of his statuesque physique. Charles Barkley is truly magnificent and will make someone a very special companion. Greyhounds make great pets and of course CB is no exception. He is affectionate, playful and ready for the right home and comes microchipped , desexed, flea and tick treated , immunised and heartworm tested negative. CB will have his collar and lead and a lifetime of backup and assistance from the local Companion Greyhound Group. Meet and greet in Cairns. Supply number/Breeder identification number: BIN0000171254640 Rescue group: Animal Rehoming Tablelands
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Meet MAX the best dog in the world according to his foster carer . Max is a happy boy who snuggles into you for cuddles . He is well behaved and obedient and loves other dogs . ( he has been living with Italian greyhounds ) . Max will suit anyone . He is just a funny happy affectionate boy who wants to please. He walks politely on the lead and waits to be told that he can eat . Like most greyhounds though , Max is also a lounge lizard and will sleeps for hours .
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