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Hi, my name is Tiny - because I'm not. I'm a 4 year old male greyhound and would like to be adopted by a family or someone that works from home and would like some company. I enjoy a short afternoon walk, but most of the time I'm a couch potato! I'm OK with outside stairs, but after a nasty slip on some inside stairs, I'm nervous about them. I'm a lover, not a fighter and enjoybeing with people big, small, old and young. So I don't like to be left alone for long periods. If the house is empty all day, I'll need a companion to help me count the hours till you come home. I am easily intimidated by aggressive/domineering dogs. Friendly, passive dogs I'll be fine with. Because I'm fairly big, 42kg, and love to greet my family enthusiastically, I have to be careful around very young children - my tail or bum might knock them over. I love to play fetch and run around in the back yard with bigger kids. You might find it a bit strange, but I don't bark much at all. I think I've barked about 5 times in the last 3 years (possums!). I am the 2nd greyhound that my current family has rescued and they say I won't be the last. But my current family has to move house due to work and would dearly love to take me too. However it's not possible at the new house. The only health issue I have is that I hate junk food - it makes my hair fall out. So I can't eat supermarket food or the junk treats they sell at pet shops. My current owners can brief you on a diet that works for me and your wallet. Apart from that, I'm healthy as! I love my food so much that I'll do anything for a few little treats! I am a proud graduate from the Queensland Greyhound Adoption Program. So I have my green collar and legally don't have to wear a muzzle, which is great because they look scary and I have trouble hurting flies let alone anyone else!! I have a doggie house that shelters me from the wind if you need one - plus some jackets and favourite toys. It took me a long time to get used to my house, so I'd prefer it if I could keep it. If you think I sound like a match for you and your family, please get in contact with Mark. He's screening everyone to ensure I go to a good home with a loving family.
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