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Sol's foster carers are singing his praises. He is a really good easy going boy-friendly, affectionate, obedient and lots of fun. He enjoys a nice walk and is good on the lead. He is in foster care with another greyhound and would like another dog for company. Pet Rescue ID: 716850 Adoption Group Animals In Need We list animals for adoption on Pet Rescue as well as on our own Animals-in-Need Website. We talk with people who contact about an animal to see what their needs and situation are. My emphasis is on getting the right animal for the people and the right people for the animal. If everyone's needs are met things usually work out well. If the situation sounds good we arrange a meeting. If all goes well we let people try the animal out for a couple of weeks to ensure that everyone is happy. We keep records of all adopters, follow up to ensure all is well and undertake to take back any animal if circumstances change.
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Francine is a lovely loyal girl who came into care a couple of weeks ago. She loves a scratch, her food, to hog the bed and relax. She is not a barker or a digger. She is learning basic commands. Francine is good with large dogs but is not suitable to be with small animals. PetRescue ID: 654717
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