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Bugsy - Cat Friendly

Meet Bugsy! This 5 year old girl is ready for adoption now. She is cat friendly, likes other dogs so a K9 companion is a must, is playful, loves soft toys, is always wagging her tail and loves a good snuggle. Her only vice is that she needs someone home a lot! Bugsy is in Brisbane. Adoption Group Friends of the Hound
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Roscoe - Potentially cat tolerant

Rosco is a beautiful young boy who is very eager to learn and please his people. The ideal family man, he loves children. He is very gentle with his small dog foster brother. Adoption Group Love A Greyhound
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Lolly is a happy, curious and clever dog with plenty of energy for walks and games. She is quite independent and is ok to be left alone, but when you are home she likes being the centre of attention. A clean and well-behaved girl, Lolly needs an experienced dog owner who will continue her obedience training. Lolly can be a little bossy around other dogs, wanting to be number one for pats and attention. Because Lolly is on the dominant side, she would be better off with a submissive dog who is medium size and above. Lolly loves her toys and can be a little rough with them. She is boisterous when excited, so she needs a home without small children. Lolly is a beautiful dog who calmly takes things in her stride and likes going to new places. She is outgoing and trusting and will make a very loyal pet for someone who will love to give her lots of attention and love. Adoption Group Friends of the Hound
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Lilly loves life! Lilly loves everything about being a pet! She is a sleek and slender shiny black furred girl who is very energetic for a 6 year old. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to enjoy all of the new things in life. Here is a list of things that Lilly loves: meal time nap time playtime balls people toys.. toys.. toys… Toys are life for Lilly!. She also enjoys a short walk and just loves venturing out in the car for trips anywhere with her humans. She also loves to greet you when you arrive home. Lilly is very affectionate and enjoys spoiling her humans by showering them with love and kisses. Lilly is a happy go lucky girl who is getting along great with her greyhound foster brother. She would be suitable for a home with older children and any humans who would like to be amused every day by her fun-loving antics. Lilly needs a K9 companion, possibly a dog that will match her energy levels! Lilly is looking for love and ready to give plenty in return. Adoption Group Friends of the Hound
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Hello I’m Ebony! I am five years old and a very happy and easy going girl! I have discovered toys and what fun they be and I just adore going for walks. But most of all… I just love my dinner!! If you are looking for a loveable active girl, I may be the one for you! If you complete an adoption application, be sure to ask for Ebony, and I promise to love you forever.
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Hi I’m Montana but my friends call me “Monty”. I love to go for a morning run in the park with my foster family, then a nice long snooze on a soft and comfy bed. Other dogs can be fun but I’m also happy chilling on my own if I can have some human company. I’m quiet, gentle and a little reserved, but I LOVE my cuddles and pats and there’s nothing nicer than a good ear massage! I’m not too keen on fireworks or stormy weather but a quiet, dark room will get me through. I’d be happy in a home with older children, with or without another doggie friend. Adoption Group Friends of the Hound
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Meet 2 year old Kitty! Kitty is all things happy and cute in the world! She is a very friendly girl the always has a wag in her tail and a spring in her step! Her absolute favourite things in the world are toys – lots and lots of toys. She likes to collect toys (and other things) and place the around the house for safe keeping (never chews). She is an affectionate girl and has settled into pet life very quickly, learning that beds and couches are awesome! Kitty walks well on the lead but can be strong but is learning that she doesn’t need to do this. Kitty likes to play with other dogs, and she is currently I foster care with two other hounds, so definitely needs some dog company. Its better off if the dog she lives with is medium sized and up and loves a good play as Kitty is rather active for a greyhound. Kitty is fine with kids but its probably best they are 5 and up as she is a bit of a friendly face licker, so kids taller than her would be better. Sorry Kitty is not cat friendly.
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"Chilli" - fiery devotion We think Chilli is a great name for this big, bold, warm-hearted boy! Chilli's philosophy is that if you love someone, you love them 110%, and he's looking for humans who'll love him back just as fiercely. Chilli's top priority is making his humans feel loved, and – like his spicy namesake – he's impossible to ignore. He'll lean his big body into you for a cuddle, and solicits pats from everyone he meets! Chilli is cheeky and gets into everything, but his desire to please his humans will help him learn the rules in time. He's already mastered house-training, although still needs some practice navigating slippery floors. Needless to say, Chilli needs a home with lots of human company to absorb his fiery devotion, and he could be great for children (seven or over) who want to lavish affection on a loyal canine friend. Chilli also likes the company of similarly-sized dogs, without being overly boisterous. He hasn't yet been tested with small dogs or cats. Just like chilli adds warmth and intensity to your favourite dishes, our Chilli dog will bring warmth, intensity and plenty of smiles to your home. Are you ready to handle the heat? Adoption Group Gumtree Greys To find out more, please email us at or complete our online adoption enquiry form:
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Missy and Spot

“Missy & Spot” - Happiest Mothers' Day Ever Missy and Spot are ready for adoption just in time for Mother’s Day, which is perfect because they’re mother and son! These two black beauties have a special bond, and although Missy is quick to keep Spot in line, they’re clearly devoted to each other. They’re the perfect ready-made family, and now just need some special humans to share the love and fun. Missy is pretty and petite, and still in good shape for her age, having recovered well from a nasty infection, with just some occasional older-lady grumpiness. Spot is tall and athletic, and particularly enjoys a good zoom around the garden. Both enjoy their daily walks, (despite getting themselves tangled), and their couches (they’re disappointed not to be allowed on the beds!) Spot is outgoing and loves everyone he meets, gravitating to the noisiest person in the room. Missy is more reserved and appreciates a quiet place to relax, although like Spot she has a fun-loving streak. Both are fine with hound-savvy children (six or over) and okay with other dogs who can handle their exuberance. Neither are tested with cats. Spot will charm you with his goofy enthusiasm, while Missy will win your heart with her spirit and individuality. Both will delight you with their good manners and intuitive ability to fit in with their humans. We can’t think of a better Mothers' Day present for Missy than to find a home with Spot – and the humans who adopt them will get the best gift of all! (Note: Missy is in the blue bandanna and Spot in brown). To find out more, please email us at or complete our online adoption enquiry form:
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