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Max's Story

Max is a happy, placid, housetrained boy. He loves to play with a flirt pole or other chasing toys. He loves being around people, going for walks and is fine with other dogs. He can do stairs and is currently in foster care with 2 collie girls who he gets along with well. He’s not too worried about small dogs on walks.
Greyhounds are gentle, affectionate, lazy dogs that make wonderful companions for adults and children. They make great pets as although they are the fastest dogs, they are often also described as the laziest! They are truly 70Kmh coach potatoes! They require minimal exercise, one 15 minute walk a day is more than enough for these hounds. Remember, they are sprinters, not marathon runners. Greyhounds can happily spend most of their day asleep.

The adoption fee is $375 which includes desexing, vaccination and microchipping. We will bring the greyhound to you for a meet and greet and to assess if your property is suitable for a greyhound.

Adoption Group:
Greyhounds New Beginnings

Contact Information:
Buffy 0421 495 220 or email

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Not Applicable



Yes - Gets along with similar size dogs well


$ 375.00

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