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Ebony's Story

Ebony - unconventional charm

Ebony knows that the most beautiful girls have their own unique style! Ebony is big for a female greyhound (32kg), and her long nose and prominent overbite give her face an unconventional charm. With her soft, shiny fur, and adoring eyes, this big, bold babe is made for cuddles! She’s also up for plenty of playing and going for walks, provided she gets a good long snooze afterwards.

Ebony is in foster care with another greyhound, and is fine while her people are at work, as long as she has canine company (she hasn’t tried being all by herself). She likes meeting all kinds of dogs on lead, but is still too excitable to run around off-lead with them. Ebony has plenty of big-girl bounce, so isn’t suitable for homes with young children who might get knocked over. She has a big-girl appetite too, and is learning to wait nicely for her food (it’s so hard!), as well as other commands like “stay” and “on your bed”. Ebony has a minor health issue (excessive drinking), and is off to the vet soon to get checked out.

Ebony’s happy-go-lucky nature adds to her charm, and she’s always keen to know what you’re doing, so she doesn’t miss out on any fun. If you can imagine a big, black, bouncy, beautiful girl sharing the fun and laughter in your home, then Ebony would love to meet you!

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$ 350

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