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Damo's Story

Damo - loyal protector

Damo thinks retirement is wonderful, and is going through a second puppyhood as he learns the joys of being a pet! The speckles of grey hair that he brings from his former life give him a distinguished look, even while he’s frolicking like a lunatic, or trying to turn himself into a pretzel.

Damo has struck the perfect balance between being playful and energetic outside, and being a big lazy lump indoors. He knows when it’s time to go crazy, and when to just enjoy being comfortable and happy.

Damo is easy to live with, and plays well with his canine foster siblings. He’s still new to foster care, so we’re not sure yet about small dogs, cats, or children. Damo is devoted to his humans, so would like a home where he can get plenty of love and individual attention. He was toilet trained on his first day, although he’s still working on waiting till his humans are awake before needing to go out. He’s a healthy boy, desexed and ready for adoption.

Damo has also learned the most important thing about being a pet: that his humans are the centre of his universe. He leans on his foster carers whenever he can, even while they’re trying to cook or hang out the washing. He’s just letting them know that he’s there for them, to love and protect them forever. Would you do the same for him?

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4 years 8 months

Black with white markings






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$ 350

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