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Jack's Story

Laid-back Jack - likes resting in laps!

Jack is a dog who knows what he wants. Sleeping is very important, especially in comfy places like the carpet or the couch. Short walks are nice too, particularly sniffing and weeing, but sleeping is even better. Pats are essential, for as long as you’re willing to provide them (although he’ll slink off for a snooze if it gets too exhausting). Snacks are an absolute priority, and bones are particularly good – so good that you need to watch that he doesn’t gobble them too quickly!

Jack also knows what he doesn’t like. He’d rather be by himself (with humans who spend plenty of time at home), than live with another dog who will pester him. Small dogs are fine to meet on-lead, but off-lead play is still confusing for him. Cats are a definite no-no, and children would have to be old enough to know when to let Jack take it easy. Jack’s likely to be happy in any kind of home, and loves having the run of the house, although hasn’t yet mastered the stairs.

Jack takes sleeping and resting very seriously, always turning in several circles before lying down, and following the same stretch routine when he wakes up. He’s known for his elegant Sphinx position, as well as his less elegant habits of turning upside-down, talking in his sleep, and snoring! All Jack wants is a comfy spot to practise his favourite pastime, and plenty of love (and snacks).

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Jack 's Profile


4 years 6 months

Black with white markings






Yes - See description

Yes - Not cat friendly

$ 350

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