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Chilli's Story

"Chilli" - fiery devotion
We think Chilli is a great name for this big, bold, warm-hearted boy! Chilli's philosophy is that if you love someone, you love them 110%, and he's looking for humans who'll love him back just as fiercely. Chilli's top priority is making his humans feel loved, and – like his spicy namesake – he's impossible to ignore. He'll lean his big body into you for a cuddle, and solicits pats from everyone he meets!

Chilli is cheeky and gets into everything, but his desire to please his humans will help him learn the rules in time. He's already mastered house-training, although still needs some practice navigating slippery floors. Needless to say, Chilli needs a home with lots of human company to absorb his fiery devotion, and he could be great for children (seven or over) who want to lavish affection on a loyal canine friend. Chilli also likes the company of similarly-sized dogs, without being overly boisterous. He hasn't yet been tested with small dogs or cats.

Just like chilli adds warmth and intensity to your favourite dishes, our Chilli dog will bring warmth, intensity and plenty of smiles to your home. Are you ready to handle the heat?

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Chilli 's Profile


5 years 9 months

Black with white markings






Yes - Good with similarly-sized dogs


$ 350

This greyhound has successfully completed a state approved program to go "muzzle free in public".

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