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Molly (Adoption pending)'s Story

I have been in foster care for nearly 5 months, 4 of those have been with what my humans call the Director of the charity. In my time in foster, I have learnt how to get along with 5-6 other dogs. I had an introduction with one of those cat things but I didn't really like it so I have been told I can't go to a home with those feline fur babies. I like to steal things, my foster carer calls me this thing called a kleptomaniac which I don't really know what that means, all I know is that I'm very young and living my life as a puppy and doing what young greyhounds do. I'm just about to turn 2. I steal whatever I can from slippers to post it notes to cookbooks, dog coats, toys, collars and whatever is not tied down. I didn't make it to the race track as I had both of my two back middle toes broken and GNB did the best they could for me and put my best interests at heart and decided to amputate them for me as they wouldn't heal. I know they did the best thing for me. They were worried about me coping with my centre of balance but I get around just fine! Sometime it hurts a lot if I stub it on something. My foster carer kisses and hugs me a lot and tells me that she doesn't want to part with me. She clearly loves me a lot and I love her, I have settled in very well to my foster home. Because I'm still a puppy I like to jump on people when they come over, I still have my L plates on. I don't mean to hurt anyone, I just want to say hi to everyone. I also like to sleep on the bed especially in between my foster mummy and daddy, I love to roach while I'm sleeping.

Greyhounds are gentle, affectionate, lazy dogs that make wonderful companions for adults and children. They make great pets as although they are the fastest dogs, they are often also described as the laziest! They are truly 70Kmh coach potatoes! They require minimal exercise, one 15 minute walk a day is more than enough for these hounds. Remember, they are sprinters, not marathon runners. Greyhounds can happily spend most of their day asleep.

The adoption fee is $375 which includes desexing, vaccination and microchipping. We will bring the greyhound to you for a meet and greet and to assess if your property is suitable for a greyhound.

Adoption Group:
Greyhounds New Beginnings

Contact Information:
Phone Kim on 0403 273 201 or email

Molly (Adoption pending) 's Profile


18 Months

Red Fawn






Yes - Dog Friendly

Yes - Not Cat Friendly

$ 375

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