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Dear eGreyhound.com Forum User,

Thank you for being a part of our website forum, changing the world for greyhounds one day at a time! These special dogs are unique in their background and genetic traits as well as in their ability to be adopted. They are a higher legislated breed than most (with regards to muzzling)and they deserve all the help they can get to increase their opportunities to enjoy a normal pet life like all other breeds do, when their racing career ends.

The eGreyhound.com forum was created for discussions about greyhounds in pet homes.

Our goal is to keep this forum friendly and educational.

All users of the eGreyhound.com forum must read these terms and conditions of use upon joining and periodically thereafter, as changes will be continuous.

Users of the eGreyhound.com forum must agree to follow these rules at all times:

1. Keep conversation legal and appropriate for all ages at all times, including but not limited to being be polite, using common sense, and not breaching any legislation / breaking any laws at all times.

2. No advertising on the forum – to advertise please email admin@egreyhound.com for other options and become a part of ensuring our success and sustainability and benefit by fully encompassing advertising.

3. No racism, religious debates, comments about sexual preferences, violence, animal abuse, personal attacks, spam, politics, voting competitions, or any other controversial / highly personal topics – these will not be tolerated at all.

4. Healthy debate is encouraged but disrespectful posts will not be tolerated at all – please remain respectful, don’t be rude, nasty or attack anyone else for their opinion.

5. Please stay on topic about “greyhounds in pet homes” at all times.

6. You are solely responsible for what you post and any ramifications that may ensue from comments you make.

7. Do not make defamatory comments about anyone. Defamatory comments, generally speaking, are any comments that may lower the opinion of a person in the eyes of a 3rd party.

8. Do not breach another persons privacy by publishing their contact details or other personal identifiable information, including but not limited to publishing comments made by them in personal or private messages/conversations/other forums.

9. Make sure you have permission if you intend to post pictures that were taken by someone else or taken of someone else's property. If a complaint is received that photos have been posted without permission, they will be deleted and any consequences will be yours entirely.

10. You are responsible for protecting your “log in” details to prevent use by any other person utilising your user name. You are responsible for any comments made by your user id.

11. Please take reasonable measures to protect your own safety/identity.

12. You agree to indemnify us with respect to any legal action taken as a result of comments made by you.

13. If you are unhappy / upset about any comments on the eGreyhound.com forum please email admin@egreyhound.com to report the details of the comments which require reviewing/deleting by a Moderator. This is the ONLY way a moderator will become aware of inappropriate comments that need removing.

Moderators may not be able to remove posts immediately, or at all, if not notified about comments that are of concern by users of this Forum.
This is not a heavily moderated forum so be aware that you are responsible for what you post and any ramifications/consequences that follow as a result of your words.
We reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion without explanation. Please contact Moderators at admin@egreyhound.com with any concerns about this that you may have.
We reserve the right to reveal your identity and any known information about yourself to recognised law enforcement agencies or qualified, registered practicing legal practitioners, upon request, who may pursue you for legal purposes as a result of comments made on the eGreyhound.com forum.
Moderators and owners of eGreyhound.com accept no responsibility for comments, photos or anything else posted on this website forum, and we do not claim comments on eGreyhound.com to be true and/or accurate.
Your computer IP address, which is unique to each individual computer, is recorded by eGreyhound.com when you join as a user to our forum. It is also recorded each time you make a comment on the eGreyhound.com forum.
If the above rules are breached by you in any way eGreyhound.com moderators will remove your access as a direct consequence of not adhering to the rules of use for this forum, without warning.
We reserve the right to edit or add rules or change the terms and conditions of use of the eGreyhound.com forum at any time.


All users utilise the eGreyhound.com forum at their own risk. By joining the forum you agree to hold neither the website owners or website forum moderators or anyone affiliated with eGreyhound.com responsible or liable for any circumstances resulting from an eGreyhound.com publication.

If you have any questions, encounter any problems or wish to make any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster and egreyhound.com forum moderator on admin@egreyhound.com. Now please have friendly fun networking and sharing information!

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